After being injected, smoothed, and massaged, you need a refreshing polish to nourish and refresh your skin.  Body Smooth Refreshing Polish is a popular revitalizing body exfoliator packed with nourishing oils and mineral-rich sea salts. The product effectively buffs away dead skin cells, smooths, softens, and promotes fresh, glowing skin all over your body.

This body polish is one of the most popular body polishes on the market. The revitalizing body exfoliator is packed with oils, and mineral-rich sea salts that buff away dead skin cells, smooth, soften and promote glowing skin all over your body.

What are the Ingredients in Body Smooth Refreshing Polish?

Body Smooth is an exfoliating, hydrating, and purifying product that contains Australian lemon myrtle that has a delightful citrus scent. Myrtle also contains antibacterial properties to deep clean and purify your skin. Body Smooth also contains golden jojoba oil whose rich fatty acids deeply hydrate and restore skin. The beauty of golden Jojoba oil is the oils that are similar in composition to the skin’s own oils.  You will also find

macadamia nut oil, which is highly nourishing and contains palmitoleic acids. These acids are essential in strengthening the skin cells and improving skin’s elasticity.

How Do I Use Body Smooth?

The best way to use Body Smooth is to massage, gently, onto dry skin before your shower or bath. Focus on rough or dry areas and rub them with deep, massaging strokes. Rinse away the exfoliating sea salt with warm water and massage the remaining oils into your skin. You will end up with sensational smoothness and gorgeous skin.

You can get Body Smooth Refreshing polish at Samara MedSpa when you go to your next appointment.

*Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary

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