NightLase® therapy, using Fotona’s innovative laser technology, is a non-invasive treatment designed to reduce snoring and improve sleep quality. This therapy applies gentle laser energy to the oral mucosa tissue, causing a tightening effect that helps to keep the airway open during sleep. NightLase® is particularly beneficial for individuals who suffer from snoring and sleep apnea, providing a comfortable and easy alternative to traditional treatments like CPAP machines or dental devices. The treatment is suitable for a wide range of patients looking for a safe and effective solution to their snoring problems. Results can often be felt after the first session, with the full benefits typically realized after a series of treatments. The effects of NightLase® are long-lasting, usually maintaining their efficacy for up to a year or more, after which additional sessions can be performed to sustain the results.
Residents in Avon, CT, who are experiencing snoring issues or sleep disturbances can turn to Samara Med Spa for NightLase® therapy. Our professional team is skilled in delivering this advanced laser treatment, offering a comfortable and effective solution for improving your sleep quality. To explore the benefits of NightLase®, book your appointment online at Samara Med Spa today.

Benefits of NightLase®

Non-invasive, with no surgery required
Reduces snoring and improves sleep quality
No need for dental devices or CPAP machines
Suitable for a wide range of patients
Quick and comfortable treatment sessions
Immediate improvement after the first session
Long-lasting results, up to a year or more
Safe and effective alternative for snoring and sleep apnea
No downtime or recovery needed
Enhances overall well-being through better sleep


Individuals who snore or have mild to moderate sleep apnea and seek a non-invasive alternative to CPAP machines or dental appliances are ideal candidates for NightLase®. This treatment is particularly suitable for those who prefer a simple, effective method to improve sleep quality without medication or surgery.

Initial improvements are often noticeable after the first session, with full benefits realized after completing the recommended series of treatments.

The effects of NightLase® typically last up to a year or more, varying from person to person.

There is no downtime, and side effects are minimal, usually limited to mild sensation changes in the treated area.

Before NightLase® treatment, ensure good oral hygiene and avoid oral irritants like alcohol or very hot drinks. After the procedure, follow your provider’s guidelines, which may include briefly avoiding certain foods or drinks and staying hydrated. Continue regular oral hygiene practices and possibly limit strenuous activities for a few days to aid recovery.

The treatment involves gentle laser applications to the oral mucosa, typically pain-free and completed in a short office visit.


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