Lip Rescue/Lip Dissolving

Lip Rescue/Lip Dissolving

Lip Rescue/Lip Dissolving is a specialized treatment offered at Samara Med Spa, known for its exceptional results in correcting and enhancing the appearance of the lips. This unique procedure has garnered international recognition, with Samara speaking at international conferences about the technique's effectiveness and safety. With over 500 vials of dissolving agents used on patients, our expertise in Lip Rescue/Lip Dissolving is unparalleled. This treatment is about enhancing the lips' aesthetics and correcting issues such as lip scarring and unevenness, providing a comprehensive solution for those seeking perfection in their pout.
The Lip Rescue/Lip Dissolving process at Samara Med Spa is meticulously designed to ensure optimal results, involving three critical visits: dissolution, filler application, and a half-session touch-up. This structured approach allows for precision in correcting any previous lip filler treatments that did not meet expectations or resulted in complications and enhancing the natural beauty and symmetry of the lips. Whether you're dealing with lip scarring or uneven filler distribution or wish to refine the shape and volume of your lips, our Lip Rescue/Lip Dissolving treatment offers a tailored solution.

Benefits of Lip Rescue/Lip Dissolving

Expert correction of uneven lip filler or undesirable results from previous treatments
Safe and effective dissolution of existing lip filler using proven techniques
Tailored filler application to achieve natural, aesthetically pleasing lip contours
A precision touch-up session is needed to perfect the shape and volume of the lips
Significant improvement in lip scarring and texture irregularities
Personalized treatment plan developed by internationally recognized experts
Utilization of over 500 vials of dissolving agent on patients, ensuring extensive experience and expertise
Minimal downtime, allowing for a quick return to everyday activities
High patient satisfaction due to customized treatment approaches
Enhanced confidence and satisfaction with your lip appearance


Lip Rescue/Lip Dissolving is a specialized treatment aimed at correcting previous lip filler treatments that have led to unsatisfactory results or complications, such as unevenness or scarring. It involves the safe dissolution of existing filler, followed by expert re-application and touch-ups to achieve the desired aesthetic.

The treatment involves three essential visits: the first to safely dissolve the existing lip filler, the second to apply new filler with precision, and a half-session touch-up to ensure perfect results. This structured approach allows for comprehensive correction and enhancement of the lips.

The dissolving agent used in Lip Rescue/Lip Dissolving treatments is hyaluronidase, a safe and effective enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid-based fillers. The process is minimally invasive, with most patients experiencing little to no discomfort. Any swelling or sensitivity typically subsides within a few days.

Samara Med Spa’s unique expertise in Lip Rescue/Lip Dissolving treatments stems from Samara’s international recognition and the successful use of over 500 vials of dissolving agents on patients. This experience ensures that each treatment is conducted with the highest precision and care.

Results can be seen immediately following the filler application visit, with the final contours and volume being more apparent after the touch-up session. Any minor swelling from the treatment will subside shortly, revealing your lips’ enhanced, natural beauty.

Yes, Lip Rescue/Lip Dissolving is not exclusively for those with previous lip filler treatments. While the treatment is expertly designed to correct unsatisfactory results or complications from earlier filler applications, it is also suitable for individuals seeking to enhance their lips’ natural beauty and symmetry for the first time. Whether you’re looking to correct natural unevenness or scarring or desire a more aesthetically pleasing lip contour, our personalized treatment plans can be tailored to meet your needs. Our approach ensures that even first-time patients can achieve their desired lip aesthetics safely and effectively with minimal downtime.


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