Dark Circles

Dark Circles

Even if you are rested and feel okay, the dark circles under your eyes can cause you to look worn out and tired. The area under your eyes often appears darker due to constricted blood vessels that cause hyperpigmentation or from thinning of the skin around the eyes.
Dark circles under the eyes include lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits, allergies, or the aging process. Many people wish to reduce the appearance of dark circles for cosmetic reasons, to look younger, and to feel better.
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Under-eye fillers can address dark circles caused by volume loss. A natural compound that includes hyaluronic acid can be injected under the skin to create a buffer above the underlying blood vessels. These fillers fill out the hollows beneath your eyes that make you look tired and have dark circles.

The result of a dermal filler is a temporarily rejuvenated appearance. The filler will be absorbed into the body after about six months, but you can always have the treatment repeated.

Hyaluronic fillers like FDA approved Restylane products add volume and fullness to nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Fillers are also used to and add volume to the mid-face and are perfect for reducing the appearance of tear trough hollows and dark circles under the eyes.

The under-eye treatment provides patients with a minimally invasive option. Youthful volume and smoothness to the skin around the eyes are found by using properly injected fillers dispensed by a certified aesthetician.
Fillers under your eyes should last anywhere between six months to just over a year, depending on how quickly you metabolize the filler and the type of filler used. When injected by a certified aesthetician, the procedure is perfectly safe and will leave you with a wide-awake and energetic look.


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