Nanoneedling and Aquagold

Nanoneedling and Aquagold

Nanoneedling and Aquagold are both cutting-edge cosmetic treatments available at Samara Med Spa in Connecticut, offering non-invasive solutions to enhance skin health and appearance. These procedures utilize advanced technology to address skin concerns with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Nanoneedling Overview

Nanoneedling involves a specialized handheld device that delivers microscopic needles to the skin's surface. This process creates tiny microchannels, promoting collagen production and improving skin health. It's an effective method for minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and other imperfections. Safe for all skin types, nanoneedling is minimally invasive, allowing patients to resume their daily routines immediately post-treatment. Performed by licensed professionals using state-of-the-art equipment, nanoneedling at Samara Med Spa ensures optimal outcomes.

Aquagold Fine Touch Introduction

Aquagold Fine Touch is a revolutionary microneedling treatment that enhances skin rejuvenation. It employs a unique device equipped with fine needles, plated in 24-karat gold, to deliver therapeutic solutions directly into the skin. This personalized cocktail can include hyaluronic acid, vitamins, fillers, and botulinum toxin, tailored to meet individual skin needs. Aquagold effectively addresses issues like dryness, fine lines, and overall skin dullness, providing a radiant, more youthful complexion.

How Aquagold Complements Nanoneedling

While nanoneedling focuses on stimulating collagen production through microchannel creation, Aquagold takes a more direct approach by infusing the skin with nourishing compounds. Together, they offer a comprehensive skin rejuvenation strategy, improving texture, firmness, and hydration.

Treatment Experience

Both treatments are designed for comfort, with nanoneedling and Aquagold procedures taking approximately 30-45 minutes. They are celebrated for minimal downtime, enabling a quick return to daily activities. Multiple sessions may be advised for the best results depending on individual goals and skin conditions.

Frequency and Side Effects

For nanoneedling and Aquagold, three to four sessions are generally recommended, with maintenance treatments every few months. These treatments are well-tolerated, with side effects typically limited to temporary redness or swelling.

Suitability and How to Start

These treatments are effective for all skin types. However, a Samara skincare expert consultation is crucial to ensure suitability, especially for those with specific medical or skin conditions. Starting your journey to enhanced skin health involves booking an appointment at Samara Med Spa in Connecticut, where a tailored treatment plan will be created to achieve your desired outcomes. Incorporating Aquagold into your cosmetic regimen alongside nanoneedling offers a synergistic approach to skin care, maximizing the health and beauty of your skin with innovative, minimally invasive techniques.


Aquagold uses tiny gold-plated needles to deliver a custom serum blend directly into the skin, targeting specific concerns like hydration and fine lines, unlike traditional microneedling, which mainly promotes collagen production through micro-injuries.

Combining these treatments enhances overall skin quality by stimulating collagen production with Nanoneedling and addressing specific concerns with Aquagold’s tailored serums. Consult with a professional for a personalized plan.

After treatment, moisturize the skin, avoid sun exposure, and use sunscreen. Refrain from makeup, strenuous exercise, and saunas for at least 24 hours to promote healing.

No, both Nanoneedling and Aquagold can be used on the neck, décolletage, hands, and other areas to improve skin texture and appearance beyond the face. Discuss your goals with a skincare expert to target specific areas.


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