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From TOX injections, Booty Lifts, Laser Skin Treatments, Threads Lifts, and more, the team at Samara MedSpa answers your questions. For all services results may vary

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There is no minimum requirement. You are not required to have a BMI over 25 or 30 in the obese category however there is an exclusion criterion for those who are already at the lower end of their BMI and the weight they want to lose would have them drop below a healthy BMI.

When we started this program, there were 8 FDA approved medications for weight loss. Ozempic is not one of them and we do not use Ozempic. We do use a generic version of Semaglutide which is more concentrated but we do not use it in isolation. We do choose the medication with the least amount of side effect profile and the highest success rate. We choose your dosing appropriately. We also do not follow any regimented patterns but we have standard operating procedures for what we’ve designed.

There are several other practices out there that are just handing out Semaglutide and stimulants so be very careful. Samara MedSpa requires an annual physical with your whole health history on it, routine bloodwork, CBC, CMP, and TSH. I want to make sure your liver is healthy, your kidneys are healthy, and your chronic conditions are managed, see what medications you are on, as all of this interacts. Right off the bat, if you do not have an annual physical, you are excluded. If you do not have bloodwork you are excluded. If any of your blood work is abnormal expect to be sent back to your primary care and have it retested to make sure it is managed or controlled. Whether there’s a story to go along with whatever these abnormal levels are and often a sign-off by your primary care that approves you for this program.

I see a lot of scarring and a lot of difficult lips come to me. Scarring on the cupid’s bow can be contracted fibrous tissue. You can subsidize it, break through it or inject around it. I would have to evaluate it in person but whether its a tiny scar or a long scar, I have treated all of it.

I love doing nose filler, but I waited 6 years and dissected 5 human heads, and did extensive training before I decided to take on the riskiest area for injecting. Injecting noses with filler is the number one risky area for the cause of blindness. You need to know your anatomy and even the most advanced people have had issues so what you need is someone who is experienced and can deal with issues in real-time. You are not a candidate if you had multiple surgeries and trauma to the area and you must have realistic expectations.

We do have vaginal rejuvenation that you can also do on the exterior portion of the vulva so you can tighten and brighten. You can help with urinary incontinence and that is a laser based technology. It is fantastic. It is painless. Results may vary.

Yes. We treat all types of surgical scars and acne scarring. We have treated scars from most surgery, tummy tucks, breast revision/augmentation, and surgical wounds. It all depends on your skin type, the type of scar, how old it is and then we select different technologies to break up the scar tissue to address the discoloration, if there is any, and to stimulate repair. Results may vary.

This is not volume-dependent. It is technique-dependent. 1 syringe the first time, maybe 1.2, but it depends on the size you want, the size you start with, what your anatomical concerns are, the challenges and we go from there. Results may vary.

This is difficult to answer because they did this study and they stopped at 24-month endpoint and it was still there at 24 months but that is just where they stopped the study so it can be much longer than that. Results may vary.

We typically start with at least 10 vials otherwise you really aren’t going to see the volume in the duration but we’ve injected as many as 20 vials the first time. Results may vary.

It depends on the area but also depends on the extent of the lifting that needs to occur. A good price range is $1500-$2000. If you do more, than Samara MedSpa will bundle it. Results may vary.

RF Microneedling is safe for all skin types. If you get post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or you started out with Melasma pigmentation, there’s always a risk no matter what we do but we have a lot of things that mitigate that: Cooling the skin, conditioning the skin. Results may vary.

Get rid of your turkey neck with our non- invasive topical skin tightening treatment. A painless way to thicken and tighten the skin on the neck. This treatment will stimulate collagen and elastin to help shrink wrap and tighten the skin in that area. This patient came to us and was against any treatment that had needles and this treatment was a perfect place to start with her. Non-Invasive and painless. No downtime. Feels like a hot stone massage. Stimulates collagen and elastin. Softens fine lines and wrinkles Pair this treatment with: Radio Frequency Microneedling, HDR, Mono Threads, Venetian Glass Peel, Sculptra. Results may vary.

A great peel for the summer is the Venetian Glass Peel because it does not make you sun sensitive and is good for anyone who does not want any downtime. Email to learn about this exclusive treatment found only at Samara MedSpa. Results may vary

People with thick skin and good subcutaneous tissue are the best candidates for threads. With filler you can choose all different types. There’s a rainbow that I use for really thin skin, thick skin etc. but together is best. Results may vary.

The answer to many of these questions is “it depends” and that is why we always recommend a consultation however, yes, injectables can help even out asymmetry. It depends on the reason for the asymmetry. We can tighten skin and we can lessen the bulk on one side, etc. Results may vary.


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