Medical Weight Loss Program Connecticut

At Samara MedSpa in Simsbury, CT, and Glastonbury, CT, we’ve developed a medical weight loss program that has shown amazing results. Not HCG. No expensive or restrictive meal plan for weight loss. Safely lose 2-3 pounds per week or MORE!
  • Samara lost 25 lbs in two months and kept it off
  • Maia lost 15 lbs in 5 weeks.
  • Michelle lost 60 lbs in less than five months and kept it off
  • Christan lost 30 lbs in 3 months and kept it off.
  • Genesis lost 12 lbs in one month.

The program contains 8 FDA-approved medications for weight loss. There are three-month and six-month programs followed by monthly maintenance. In addition to medications, we will design the best weight loss program based on your history and goals. There is also weekly and monthly monitoring.

To schedule a visit to a weight loss centre near you, book your Medical Weight Loss Intake Visit in our Simsbury, Connecticut, or Glastonbury, Connecticut, offices.
Intake appointments are limited per week. You must send a copy of your Annual Physical (within the past 12 months) and Blood Work (CBC,CMP, TSH) to to receive approval prior to booking your intake appointment.

We do not take insurance. We do take HSA, Care Credit, and Cherry


*Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary

Look at these amazing weight loss before and after photos:

Before After one
Michelle lost 65 lbs from our weight loss plan
Before After two
Christian lost 30 lbs in 3 months and kept it off
before after
Samara lost 25 lbs in two months and kept it off
Medical Weightloss 1 Samara
Medical Weightloss 2 samara
Medical Weightloss 3 samara
Medical Weightloss 1 Samara
Medical Weightloss 2 samara
Medical Weightloss 3 samara
QUESTION: Is there inclusion criteria related to starting the weight loss program?

ANSWER: There is no minimum requirement. You are not required to have a BMI over 25 or 30 in the obese category however there is an exclusion criterion for those who are already at the lower end of their BMI and the weight they want to lose would have them drop below a healthy BMI.

QUESTION: What drugs are being used in the Samara MedSpa Weight Loss Program?

ANSWER: When we started this program, there were 8 FDA approved medications for weight loss. Ozempic is not one of them and we do not use Ozempic. We do use a generic version of Semaglutide which is more concentrated but we do not use it in isolation. We do choose the medication with the least amount of side effect profile and the highest success rate. We choose your dosing appropriately. We also do not follow any regimented patterns but we have standard operating procedures for what we’ve designed.

QUESTION: What excludes you from the Samara MedSpa Medical Weight Loss Program?

ANSWER: There are several other practices out there that are just handing out Semaglutide and stimulants so be very careful. Samara MedSpa requires an annual physical with your whole health history on it, routine bloodwork, CBC, CMP, and TSH. I want to make sure your liver is healthy, your kidneys are healthy, and your chronic conditions are managed, see what medications you are on, as all of this interacts. Right off the bat, if you do not have an annual physical, you are excluded. If you do not have bloodwork you are excluded. If any of your blood work is abnormal expect to be sent back to your primary care and have it retested to make sure it is managed or controlled. Whether there’s a story to go along with whatever these abnormal levels are and often a sign-off by your primary care that approves you for this program.


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