The Bridge Technique™️

It started in 2016-unsatisfied with lip techniques that looked good only in lips that, basically, looked OK to begin with. The problem is, most lips are not straightforward.

After living in Australia for 6 years, I appreciated the need to search beyond the USA for different techniques. That’s when I discovered Julie Horne on IG, who had only a few thousand followers at the time. She was a Galderma Trainer in Norway, but was not conducting private trainings.

So, I searched Australia, the UK, Europe and Russia for tips and techniques. From 2016-18, I relied on my rudimentary knowledge of physics, forces, positive & negative space to inject lips and faces. I used “tiger striping”, fanning, and linear threads, but did not inject according to a system of principles.

In early 2019, I attended my first training in Norway. Julie was ahead of our time with lip injections and produced the most beautiful lips I had seen. She described her technique in terms of “little fences“, lollipops“ and the like, but, when I saw her injection technique all I could see was a beautiful suspension bridge with cables, pillars, and a platform.

I was inspired.

Upon my return from Norway, I became obsessed with bridge architecture. For 3 years, I studied bridge making, architecture, stress, strain, tension, civil engineering principles, and how these apply to biological structures and human tissue. I desired consistent approaches to treat any type of lip that walked in my room no matter how difficult.

-Samara Ambrosio
GAIN Trainer, ZO Master Certified Expert

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