Microtox/Mesotox in Avon

Microtox/Mesotox in Avon

You have so many options for looking good, sculpting and contouring the perfect face. Most treatments are non-invasive, last for several months, and make you feel great as you walk out of the clinic or wait for healing.
Microtox is also known as MesoTox and is a technique where multiple tiny injections of Tox or Dysport are placed below the surface of the skin to decrease pore size, fine lines, redness, and oil production. Microtox can also be done on your neck to produce a lifted and more defined profile.
*Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary.


The treatment uses tiny needles, smaller than human hair, to deliver the neuromodulator solution near to the sweat and oil glands just below the skin’s surface. MicroTox is a precise technique for injecting the exact doses needed to get the best results.

It takes Microtox about three to four months to show full results and may require anywhere between twenty to eighty units of Tox.

Microtox is an approach to a natural appearance. You may not want to try Tox for fear of the frozen look, but don’t worry. You can keep your expressions and still achieve a natural-looking lift with microtox techniques.

Injecting Tox using the technique called microtox is an artistic method that takes great skill and a specific certification. Few practitioners across the country can perform this technique to help you with your anti-aging procedures.

As injections are administrated, your injection specialist will lift, balance, and smooth your appearance. The results are beautiful and natural reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and you still have the movement you need. Lines will improve, but not completely disappear like with traditional Tox treatments.

Low dosage Tox using the Microtox technique may mean more frequent doses to maintain your natural look. Treatments can take up to 7 days to take effect and last about 4-6 months.


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