TruSculpt® iD

Body sculpting is an effective, non-invasive way to reduce fat.

When you want to reduce belly fat and it’s stubborn and isn’t going anywhere, body sculpting could be a powerful option that will get you results. At our medical spa in Simbury, CT — Samara MedSpa — we’re pleased to offer truSculpt 3D and iD. However, this isn’t just for reducing belly fat; this body contouring method can treat many areas of your body, such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, and other stubborn areas. It’s non-invasive lipo that works, and you can try it for yourself at our medical spa! Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss options, learn about our spa treatments, and reduce belly fat.

What You Should Know About truSculpt 3D And iD:

  • This body sculpting is for all skin types
  • Ideal patients have a BMI lower than 30
  • A truSculpt treatment typically takes less than an hour (per area)
  • Only one treatment per area is typically required
  • You’ll begin to see results within four weeks
  • You can return to normal activities immediately afterward
  • Visit our medical spa for a consultation to see if truSculpt 3D or iD is right for you

What is truSculpt® 3D?

truSculpt® 3D is a breakthrough RF (Radio Frequency) technology that delivers deep heating to adipose tissue for non-invasive fat reduction, body sculpting and contouring, and the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. This body sculpting technology is designed to treat multiple areas of the body, such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, and other stubborn regions where fat lingers. truSculpt® 3D also tightens the skin in the treatment areas. This multi-dimensional approach to body sculpting and circumferential reduction allows the achievement of the highest clinical efficacy with respect to destroying the targeted fat cells in the shortest possible treatment time. The fat cells are then broken down and disposed of by the body over a three-month period. truSculpt® 3D is ideal for removing those small amounts of fat that stubbornly remain despite your good diet and regular exercise. Compared to older, alternative approaches such as freezing and ultrasound, truSculpt® 3D is faster, more comfortable, and tightens the skin with usually only one treatment*.

Am I the right candidate for truSculpt® 3D?

We will determine if this treatment is right for you during your consultation. Typically, ideal patients for this procedure have a BMI of less than 30 and have unwanted fat in different areas of the body.

Who cannot be treated with truSculpt® 3D?

Patients who cannot be treated with truSculpt® 3D include those who have cardiac pacemakers, internal defibrillators, or tumors and metallic implants (including joint replacements) in the target area. Patients who are pregnant may not undergo this procedure.

Can truSculpt® 3D be used on all skin types?

Yes, truSculpt® 3D can be used on all skin types without adverse side effects.

How long does a truSculpt® 3D non-invasive fat removal treatment take?

A treatment in one area typically takes less than an hour.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically, only treatment per area is required*.

When will I start seeing visible results?

truSculpt® 3D delivers RF energy to destroy fat cells in the treatment area. It then uses the body’s natural system to break down and dispose of these cells. This process will take up to three months. Most patients will begin to see results within four weeks, which will gradually increase to up to a 25 percent reduction in fat*. Typically, only treatment per area is required*.

What do I need to do before a body sculpting treatment?

There is no special preparation needed before a treatment except for removing any jewelry or body piercings in the area(s).

What happens during the treatment?

After a brief pre-treatment preparation, the truSculpt® 3D handpiece is applied to the skin. The handpiece glides over the area and delivers a pulse of RF energy that will last 5 minutes. The handpiece will then be moved to adjacent areas where this process will be repeated until the entire treatment area has been covered.

What does it feel like?

truSculpt® 3D is designed to be a comfortable procedure for non-invasive fat removal and body sculpting and contouring. Due to its proprietary design, the heating of the area will be tolerable. We will adjust the temperature based on your comfort level. Typically, no pain medication, topical anesthesia, gels, or active cooling are required.

Can I return to normal activities after treatment?

Yes. The body sculpting procedure is non-invasive, so you should be able to return to normal activities immediately. There is typically no downtime after the treatment, although some patients may experience mild discomfort for a few hours. Many patients go back to work immediately after their body sculpting sessions.

Is truSculpt® 3D safe? Are there side effects?

The truSculpt® 3D System is designed to provide a safe and comfortable procedure for non-invasive fat removal and body sculpting and contouring. Side effects can include redness, sweating, and mild tenderness in the treated areas. This usually resolves in a few hours. At your consultation, we will discuss what to expect during and after your treatment in more detail.

How much does a truSculpt® 3D treatment cost?

The pricing at our medical spa is very competitive, and we offer complimentary consultations with our medical provider. We also offer convenient in-house monthly payment plans. For specific pricing information, view our price list.


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