Double chins are often inevitable no matter what you do. They can make you appear heavier, look older, and they often appear even larger in photos or the accidental selfie!. Now there is an injectable called Kybella that mimics the natural absorption process of fat cells.  You no longer need to worry about hiding your double chin with scarves or researching surgery. Just talk to your aesthetician about Kybella.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a man-made form of deoxycholic acid or a naturally occurring substance that causes the body to absorb fat. Deoxycholic acid, an ingredient in Kybella, is designed to destroy the fat cells that cause double chins.

Kybella is injected underneath the skin fat of the submental neck region. Kybella destroys the membranes of the cells that store fat, and once these cells are destroyed, they can no longer store fat, and what is left over is a  noticeable reduction in fullness under your chin.

Next, your body’s natural healing and elimination processes take over, and in about four to six weeks, your double chin is dramatically reduced or eliminated. You may need up to six treatments to get the results you want, and each session will include multiple injections.

The Best Thing about Kybella?

Once Kybella destroys the fat cells, they are permanently removed. In clinical trials used by the FDA, even those patients who gained weight after Kybella injectables did not see their double chins return.

The Result?

No more double chin!

Is Kybella Worth it?

In a study of those who used Kybella, over 77% of users said Kybella was definitely worth it. There is minimal downtime, and no anesthesia is required. The procedure is safe and is performed by using 20 to 50 small and quick injections. The whole procedure can take up to 50 minutes, but usually most appointments are just 15-25 minutes. You can expect some swelling and a bit of bruising, but within a week you won’t notice.

*Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary


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