The Muscle Sculpting

Everyone thinks about eating healthy and have a great exercise regimen, but according to the CDC, only about 24.5% of adults actually meet the American Heart Association’s weekly recommendation of strength training at least twice a week. You have good intentions to exercise regularly, but it gets depressing when, after weeks of intense and sweaty exercise, you just don’t get anywhere. Now, with advances in technology, body sculpting, and contouring devices, we can help provide you with an option and augment your diet and exercise programs.

Reaching your healthy body composition goal with low body fat ratios and higher lean muscle mass can be found by lipolysis and using different thermal technologies, but these technologies do not always achieve a better muscle tone. Take heart! The medical aesthetic industry is rapidly growing, and the number of body sculpting and contouring procedures performed has hit an overall market growth of 16.3% over the past several years. The latest in muscle sculpting has advanced with two new devices: TruSculpt® Flex and TruSculpt® iD.


TruSculpt®Flex is a muscle-sculpting device that offers personalized treatments based on patient fitness level, shape, and goals. This device is non-invasive and has been cleared by the FDA for firming, toning, and strengthening abdominal, buttocks, and thigh muscles.  By inducing muscles contracting using electric current, TruSculpt Flex helps you reach your body toning goals. Think about looking toned, contoured, and gorgeous as you meet new friends at Holiday parties. Wow!

There are three treatment modes in the TruSculpt Flex, and you can actually treat up to eight areas at the same time. The 8-pair proprietary handpieces adhere to the skin using Tru Gel, and this enables the targeting of specific groups of large and small muscles safely and efficiently.

Electric muscle stimulation has been used as a substitute or in addition to exercise to prevent muscle atrophy due to immobility. Electrical muscle stimulation reduces rehabilitation time after muscle injuries, and the potential for electric muscle stimulation, improving muscle functions in athletes has been successfully explored. Yes, those toned and contoured bodies on the athletic field come from hard work and exercise, but don’t you think they also use muscle-sculpting devices?

TruSculpt Flex the muscle-sculpting device directly stimulates muscles through the electrodes located in the handpieces. This stimulation results in full muscle contractions that are almost like the voluntary contractions you have during physical exercise. The contractions are more intense when you use TruSculpt® flex, and the rapid contraction rates result in increased muscle mass, tone, and strength. One of the limitations of electrical muscle stimulation in the past was the fact that repetitive use could lead to muscle fatigue and damage. TruSculpt® flex overcomes this problem by using multi-direction stimulation with three modes. These modes involve different current intensities.

Altering the direction of the currents avoids stimulation of the same muscles over and over and actually totally activates muscles. TruSculpt® flex uses different treatment modes and flexible electrode placement to facilitate even stimulation of your muscles. Proprietary TruControl technology provides consistent and safe results through targeted and customizable delivery with less energy.

You will quickly see your muscles become toned and strengthened with each session using TruSculpt® Flex.


Okay. Now you have an option to sculpt those abs, butt, and thigh muscles. But, what about those flabby arms with skin hanging down and flapping as you move? What about your thighs that are out of proportion with the rest of the body? A hand-held device called the TruSculpt®iD provides you with personalized and hand-held solutions for legs and arms.

TruSculpt®iD gives you a way to provide your patients with countered and sculped arms and legs so they can wear sleeveless shirts and skimpy shorts with confidence.  TruSculpt®iD introduces:

  • A unique approach to sculpting that treats skin with laxity
  • Sculpt challenging areas
  • Synchronized treatment zone
  • No Downtown
  • Safe and efficient to use

TruSculpt®iD also offers a personal solution to regain proportion to your inner and outer thighs. Use TruSculpt®ID  with its innovative RF technology to treat various tissue densities, tailor the RF (Radiofrequency) energy for large and small areas. The procedure is safe and efficient. Patients can resume their daily activities right after their session.

How Does TruSculpt®ID Technology Work?

Innovative RF technology delivers heat to the entire fat layer while at the same time, maintaining a comfortable skin temperature. Proprietary low frequency and uniform technology penetrate deep into the fat layer from skin to muscle. Temperature is continuously monitored, and energy delivery is automatically adjusted to reach and hold a therapeutic temperature of >45⁰C in the fat layer. Built-in cooling keeps you comfortable during the entire process.

While you are being treated, an average of 24% of your fat cells are irreversibly damaged, slowly dissolve, and are excited through your body naturally. The entire process takes about 12-weeks.

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