MINT™ (Minimally invasive Non – Surgical Thread) PDO Lifts For Face & Body

As we age, loose skin begins to sag. Surgical procedures are one way to rid yourself of sagging skin and bags permanently. Still, surgery is daunting and can leave obvious side effects. Dermal fillers are awesome, but there comes the point when you can no longer receive dermal fillers alone. Take heart! There is a revolutionary type of face and body rejuvenation done without surgery. MINT PDO threads can dramatically improve the signs of aging in your face and body, enhance your looks, and give you back your confidence without invasive surgery.

But What Are MINT PDOs?

MINT PDOs come from South Korea, and the MINT procedure includes effective, safe, and dissolvable sutures. These threads are made from complex sugars called PDO or polydioxanone. PDO is a material used for orthopedic and cardiovascular surgery for years. In 2004, PDO’s use was approved for minimally invasive procedures like soft tissue approximation. MINT PDO also has a 510(k) clearance from the FDA and is used in 14 countries worldwide.

PDO thread skin lifting involves using very thin threads or sutures to firm skin that is now lax. The thread material is inserted into the body or face with very fine and thin needles. The threads tighten and pull the skin, plus provide a support network of threads that hold the skin in place. This tightening and lifting process fights gravity, and results are instant. Over time you will also see the following results:

  • Skin tightening and lifting,
  • Contoured and sculpted body,
  • Cellular rejuvenation,
  • Collagen production,
  • A slimming effect as the fat cells contract.

About twelve months after the threads are inserted, they break down through hydrolysis or a natural body process. The results, however, continue for many months due to cellular changes.

What Are The Benefits of MINT PDOs For The Face?

MINT PDO results are almost immediate, and you do not need to wait weeks or months to see the results. Individual results do vary, but for the face, you may quickly see:

  • Eyebrow lift (Fox Eye, Cat Eye)
  • Higher cheekbone contours
  • Lift jowls
  • Defined jawline
  • Neck lift

In addition to the almost immediate results, the benefits of MINT PDO include long-lasting, little risk of adverse reactions, slight downtime, and minimal to no scarring. You will experience no incisions, softer jowls, no hollowing in the face, and MINT PDO can be repeated, as necessary. There is no better alternative to surgical options than MINT PDO threads.

A MINT PDO procedure for the face can be done in a little as 30 minutes. The results will last up to one year but consult with your provider before the procedure to discuss what results you can expect.

MINT PDO Threads For The Body

MINT PDO threads provide fantastic results in many different areas of your body. Use threads for:

  • Abdomen – a tummy tuck without surgery,
  • Tights – lift and firm and reduce the appearance of cellulite,
  • Arms – chicken wings are gone,
  • Breasts – lift sagging breasts,
  • Buttocks – rounder and lifted booty without the downtime of other procedures.

At What Age Should I Consider MINT PDO Threads?

The recommendations of knowledgeable aestheticians suggest either men or women ages 30-50+, and who have moderate sagging in the jowls or midface, or nasolabial folds consider MINT PDO threads. After the procedure, you will experience skin texture improvement, elasticity, fine lines, collagen stimulation, and neovascularization. The lifts help soften fine lines and wrinkles. A major benefit gives the skin an overall firmer and tighter appearance. MINT PD threads are also great to fix droopy eyelids.

Is Cost Prohibitive?

A MINT PDO thread lift is much more affordable than invasive cosmetic surgery, and the downtime is almost nothing. Call Samara at Samara Medspa at 860-996-4096 for the cost of a PDO thread lift in the area of your body you want to lift. She will also tell you the approximate number of necessary threads for your desired results. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost and the results.


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