What Is The Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Your Turkey Neck?

The skin around the neck can showcase obvious signs of aging. It is an area that is often neglected as we do not regularly apply sunscreen or moisturizer leading to the development of collagen and wrinkle development. When the signs become more visible, the urge to stiffen and rejuvenate the neck portion becomes more. The skin begins to sag, loses its texture, and looks dull to be termed as “turkey neck”. Even the environmental aspects like exposure to sun rays along with the use of harsh chemicals, and wearing makeup also contributes to the premature aging of the skin in the neck and other regions of the face. Turkey neck is triggered by flaccid muscles, wobbly skin, and fat accumulation. You might have tried various types of solutions like neck exercises, creams, or even pills without any success in eliminating the turkey neck issues. If you are concerned about the saggy skin around the neck region and want to get back the glow, it is time to look for some advanced solutions with skin experts. Samara MedSpa CT offers many non-surgical treatment options for your turkey neck.

Non – Surgical Treatments for Turkey Neck:

  1. Mint Thread Lift
    Mint PDO threads is a non-surgical treatment that can eliminate the signs of aging on the skin and rejuvenate them without any surgery. PDO is a safe raw material which is employed in cardiovascular and orthopedic surgery wound closures for around a decade. It will be useful in providing a refreshing look at the jawline and neck portion by pulling up the skin tissues in the region. This is a simple non-invasive procedure that lets the patient resume his routine activities on the same day of the procedure. But it is crucial to be in the accurate hands of an aesthetic expert. It has shown positive results in rejuvenating jowls, neck, and create a refreshing jawline. It is also useful in improving nasolabial folds and brows. The major advantage of Mint PDO lifts is to pull the sagging skin and give a stiff appearance.

    The procedure will be customized according to the precise requirements of the individual. PDO thread lift includes the usage of tiny threads or sutures to stiffen the skin that is suffering from sagging. The fine thread is injected into the target region with fine and thin needles. The threads will stiffen and give a tight look to the face along with the additional aid of the thread network to hold the skin firmly in the target region. These threads perform the task of lifting the skin and fighting gravity by offering sublime results. But for the treatment to be successful, the patient must have an appropriate skin layer that is not too thin or thick and has a smooth appearance.

  2. Kybella Combo
    Kybella is another non-surgical treatment that is FDA approved for the reduction of submental fat. While it is ideal and proven for eliminating the fat under the chin region. It makes use of deoxycholic acid to break down the fat cells so that body will get the chance to eliminate them naturally providing a subtle appearance. It is a very safe option instead of going for liposuction surgery and getting effective results. Deoxycholic acid occurs naturally in the body causing the elimination of fat under the skin. As these cells are eliminated, they lose the capacity to hold fat in the future. These cells are slowly eliminated by the body’s natural metabolic process. The number of treatments is suggested by experts depending on the skin types and other desired results. There will be some amount of swelling, bruising, or temporary discomfort in the region which will go off on its own for the majority of individuals. Therefore, care must be taken to choose an experienced aesthetic doctor who will design an accurate Kybella combo to suit your precise neck lift needs. It can stiffen the neck portion, along with the process of dissolving the fat.

  3. Genius RF
    Radiofrequency micro-needling was crafted to address various issues of aging by encouraging the production of collagen. It is best suited for people who need a natural-looking appearance on their skin. Microneedles send electric currents or pulsed radiofrequency instead of light sources. RF goes deep into the skin layers where the actual process of aging takes place. Due to this, it is useful for all types of skin and creates an effective result. This procedure employs a handheld device that is used to pass the signals quickly on the target regions on the neck, face, or chest. It fights the skin aging issues like wrinkles, photodamage, or fine lines, especially on the neck and face.

  4. Trusculpt ID Chin
    TruSculpt ID
     is another non-surgical treatment with cutting-edge technology that is employed in a body-sculpting procedure. It lets to shape the body according to the requirements of the patient quickly. This treatment helps in addressing the issues in regions such as the chin, neck, thighs, buttocks, etc. It employs radiofrequency energy via skin layers and eliminates the fat cells without causing any harm to the other healthy cells. The heat from the RF energy is absorbed by the fat cells leading to their destruction. This is the same logic where the body naturally eliminates the fat cells and flushes them out via natural process. As this process is non-invasive, it involves very little downtime and no pain during the process. You can just enter the aesthetic clinic without any issues and go out after finishing the procedure in no time to be ready for a rejuvenated appearance.

Bottom – Line

The skin on our neck is susceptible to early aging as it’s three times thinner than facial skin. It also lacks the recovering capability to spring back when it is exposed to damage and aging issues. As we often forget to apply any special treatment to the neck area, it often shows premature aging. If you are looking for guaranteed solutions that solve your neck issues, then head to Samara Med Spa CT aesthetic center. Based on your specific aesthetic goals, we design a customized treatment plan to help you look and feel your best.


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