Tone Your Body Without Hitting The Gym With Trusculpt Flex

Imagine doing 54,000 crunches or squats in 45 minutes? You may be following a dedicated workout regimen and a strict diet for a long time but still missing out on getting a defined shape to your body. You may be wanting to get that extra definition to your muscles without going for invasive surgeries that demand high downtime or going the extra mile with extra exercises. TruSculpt Flex is a cutting-edge muscle-sculpting technology that aids in accomplishing your body-defining goals when performed by expert professionals.

What Is Trusculpt?

TruSculpt Flex is a non-surgical muscle-defining device that is approved by the FDA for toning, strengthening, and firming various types of muscles in the body. TruSculpt flex can enhance muscle tone by generating muscle contractions by employing a controlled electric current. This treatment can be customized depending on various customer factors like fitness level, shape, and goals. It makes use of multi-dimensional stimulation (MDS) in 8 directions while offering 3 unique treatment benefits. TruSculpt flex is a unique sculpting therapy that can show results to two areas of the body at a time.

This treatment has no downtime along with the ability to produce natural-looking results that improves the muscle definition over multiple weeks. The handheld device can be customized to hit both large and small muscle groups. The results will be visible in 45 minutes when performed as per the schedule of the expert device specialists. There will be a small amount of sensation of contractions that are intensified with the increase of intensity. But these sensations are easily manageable and results will be smooth and consistent.

How Does The Technology Work?

Electrical muscle stimulations have been effectively employed as an alternative for exercises to avoid muscle withering due to patient immobility. It has been successfully used in speeding up the rehabilitation process after muscle injuries. With the advancements in medical science, there has been evidence of enhancing muscle function in a healthy set of people. TruSculpt treatment involves straight stimulus of body muscles via the handheld device that consists of electrodes. This therapy will enact similar voluntary contractions when you perform is kind of physical workout. But the contractions brought by TruSculpt are more powerful than the actual physical exercise. These robust contractions lead to enhanced strength and muscle definition.

A major limitation of electrical muscle stimulation when used for improving muscle strength is its inability to hit different types of muscles during repetitive iterations. This cannot be used on healthy people to develop muscle definition as repeated contractions on the same muscle fiber can cause muscle damage. TruSculpt manages to negate this problem by employing multi-directional stimulation with 3 treatment modes that control the electric current intensities. The enhanced current intensity with the gradual course of action in the training causes natural activation of muscle fibers during training and avoids muscle fatigue. There will be a modification of the current direction which also contributes to avoiding stimulation of the same muscles and gradually allows for stimulation of muscles.

The treatment is initiated by starting a warm-up and stretching effect in the muscle and moving up to muscle contractions. It works by contracting the muscles to the time of exhaustion before relaxing the muscles to develop a tolerance to muscle contractions. The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is enhanced similar to the effect of voluntary contractions during physical exercise. This is achieved by various modes of TruSculpt Flex that are created to encourage various workouts and mimic the effects of variations such as twisting, squats, crunching for the abdomen, etc.

What Are The Different Modes in The Procedure?

TruSculpt Flex involves three different treatment modes termed Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS):

  • Mode 1 (Prep) is the same as the warm-up or stretching mode that prepares the muscles by creating a twisting motion to develop a tolerance to muscle contractions.
  • Mode 2 (Tone) contracts the muscles to the verge of exhaustion. This contraction is then relaxed which mimics the natural physical exercise to enhance strength and definition.
  • Mode 3 (Sculpt) offers quick and sequential contractions of the muscle to develop muscle mass and enhance BMR (basal metabolic rate).

How Is It Different From Emsculpt?

Some of the actions of TruSculpt Flex are the same as Both treatments involve the initiation of muscle contractions via external stimulations. But TruSculpt Flex has some clear benefits over Emsculpt in the means of flexibility and specifications. It includes distinct methods for generating muscle contractions like electrical stimulation, electromagnetic stimulation, and transcutaneous electrical stimulation in 8 directions unlike Emsculpt which has only 1

Emsculpt makes use of electromagnetic stimulation to generate muscle contractions, while TruSculpt employs electrical stimulation. A magnetic field will be generated during electromagnetic stimulation over the target region leading to stimulation of exterior nerves for stimulation of muscles. This requires the aid of huge devices that will not be able to offer a concentrated stimulus in a controlled fashion. TruSculpt Flex has the advantage of a handheld device that can stimulate precise muscles with a controlled electrical stimulation. It will give the benefit of accurate coverage of body muscles for exactly 8 different directions at once. But electromagnetic stimulation can only focus on one body region at once during the procedure.

As TruSculpt flex makes use of 8 multi-directional stimulation technology that allows for modification of current direction along with the flexibility of the handheld device. Electromagnetic radiation by Emsculpt will allow contractions only in a single direction. Trusculpt results will need less amount of energy to be directed into the body when compared to Emsculpt. This ability of TruSculpt to mimic precise muscle sets and offer better coverage of body parts with less energy is key in the efficiency of the procedure.

Bottom – Line

TruSculpt flex is a fully customizable approach with three different treatment modes that are designed to simulate crunches, twists, and squats. Contact an experienced medical spa-like Samara Med Spa who will customize this therapy depending on your individual needs and body conditions.


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