What Causes Scarred Lips And How To Get Rid Of It?

Did you know that the lips have one hundred nerve endings, making it the most sensitive part of the body? Although we often use our hands to feel the texture of anything, the human lips are more vulnerable than those little fingers. Because of its high sensitivity level, it is considered as the most stimulating erogenous zone and unfortunately, also prone scarred lips. The heightened sensations from the hundreds of nerve endings send the signal to the brain, which increases your sexual desire.

Like thumbprints, the lips also have a unique identity and never the same. Your lips are an extension of your skin. If you wonder why the lips are red and our entire body skin is not, even though it’s also a skin, is because it only consists of three to five thin layers of the skin, exposing the internal nerves in the lips. Unlike the skin in our body, which consists of about sixteen layers that protect our internal organs, the lip’s skin only has a handful of layers that serves as a protective coating, making it prone to damage and scarred lips. Good thing, FDA authorized fillers at Samara MedSpa to readily address your lips problems like scarring.

What Are The Common Lips Problems?

Constant licking and biting are everyday habits most people do. It makes your lips crack more than those who don’t. The saliva contains digestive enzymes that cause your lips to wear down with frequent exposure. Licking may provide moisture on a brief moment to your lips and is often the first thing we do when we think our mouths are dry. However, it may hydrate your lips for a moment, but it dries up even more since the saliva quickly evaporates.

Dehydration is also one of the main reasons for chapped lips. Keeping yourself hydrated keeps your lips smooth and ensures a healthy state on your overall bodily function.

Change in weather also affects your lip’s hydration. Since the lips have a thin layer of the skin, it is more sensitive to the environment. For example, cold weather makes your lips drier, especially on the corners of your lips, resulting in stretched and sore lips.

Allergic reactions can also be one of the reasons for scarring and are common to people who have allergies. Although allergies have different effects on people, those who experience skin problems are most likely to damage their lips. The use of lipstick cosmetics can also contribute to it, especially if it has potent active ingredients that can trigger your allergies or infections.

Sun damage is a common issue on the body, but not all know that the lips need sun protection as well. Lips sun damage can cause split up, which can lead to cracking and inflammation, and it is more painful than what you would expect. There are available lip balms that have SPF protection that can help you prevent lip sun damage.

If you have vitamin or mineral deficiency, it can cause cracked lips and inflammation symptoms on your lips. Healthy lifestyle and ensuring that you get enough vitamins can help prevent visible signs of the condition.

Accidental cuts and wounds are typical. In most cases, the skin heals on its own. Others form keloids, where the wound overreacts to the injury that causes a bumpy texture upon healing, while others may have a slightly scarred lips or none at all. Treatment for minor injuries is manageable at home with the available first aid, like topical creams or an ice-cold pack. Although it might not be necessary in some cases, as the lips heal more quickly unless you have diabetes condition, where wounds do not heal like non-diabetic individuals do, and sometimes cause infection.

How To Get Rid of Scars On Your Lip?

There are different ways to take good care of your lips and get rid of scars. Some home remedies can help reduce scarred lip’s appearance. Although deep sunken scars may need cosmetic medical attention, here are some ways that you can try for your lips.

Use Lipsticks or Lip Balms That Contain Sunscreen Protection

Lipsticks and lip balms are not only for aesthetic purposes. The use of lip moisturizer can help prevent deeper scarring if you have existing scarred lips. It prevents your lips from drying and keeps it moisturized. Choose lip balms that contain sunscreen protection too. You may want to avoid lip balms that have flavorings, as this may tempt you to lick your lips more, and instead of having moisturized lips, you’ll have crackly ones and may result in further damage on your lips.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Your lips need some pampering too. Like your skin, the lips also produces dead skin cells. Making sure that you exfoliate your lips can give you softer and kissable lips. But don’t scrub it hard, instead use a soft brush or a towel and gently rub your lips. Applying moisturizers first before exfoliation can help prepare your lips for a more comfortable rub. Avoid peeling flaked off skin and vigorous rubbing on your lips, as this may delay the healing stage and cause further damage to your lips.

Stay Hydrated

Filling our body with water is an essential thing our body needs. It cools the body, especially when our body starts to heat up. When you’re feeling hot, you may notice that you are probably dripping off with your sweat already, this is because the sweat is the natural body defense to battle the heat to keep us at the safe level of our body temperature. That is why we need to re-hydrate all the time. It also keeps our skin supple and prevents your mouth from drying.

There are various ways to get rid of scarred lips and have a smooth and supple one. The above ways to care for your skin like staying hydrated, regular lip exfoliation and lip balms are your initial steps to reduce the appearance and prevent further damage to your lips. However, if you feel uncomfortable, there is a cosmetic procedure that is available to reduce your scarred lips. It is the sanctioned fillers approved by the food and drug administration (FDA).

What Are Fillers, And How Can It Improve Scarred Lips?

Dermal fillers are injectable implants on parts of your skin to provide more volume and can help prevent signs of aging like deep wrinkles. It is also used on the lips to help create a softer and plumper one. It also helps treat deep scars and helps reform your lips back to its normal appearance. The results of lip augmentation may differ depending on how deep and the gravity of your injury. The typical dermal filler used is those with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is also found inside the body. It helps retain the water substance in your skin to keep your connective tissues well lubricated. Many patients hail the use of dermal fillers because of its immediate and minimal to no downtime recovery. It is also safe and effective.

Show off your lips with pride and let Samara MedSpa help you bring back your confidence.


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